3D Printing from Story Mode

The following guide will show you have to create an .obj file of your creations and transfer it to a USB flash drive for printing on your 3D printer.  Don’t own a 3D printer?  No problem, you can use services like Shapeways or MakeXYZ to print and deliver your creations to your address.   

On the Galaxy Map, create a new planet or open an existing planet in creative mode.

Click the middle mouse button to pull up the HUD menu, then click the yellow star button to open the power ups menu. In order to access the power ups menu, you'll need to have completed story mode. 

Select the 'Scanner' power up and then click the green 'Build' button.

Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the two buttons to the Raspberry Pi. Once both buttons are connected, press them to go back into the game. For 3D printing, you'll only need to use the button on the left.  

Now build something awesome that you want to 3D print!

Once you've completed your object, surround the bottom of the object it with 4 blocks of any material like you see here.

Using the golden wrench right click each of the blocks to activate the scanning feature. They will turn red. If you make a mistake left click any of them to start over.

Once you've created four red blocks, right click any of the red blocks with the golden wrench to increase the height of the scan.

Keep clicking the block with the right mouse button until your entire creation is surrounded by the indicator blocks.

Now press the left button you built at the beginning of the game to start the scanning process.

Once the scanning process is complete, exit to the main menu. Exit the game by clicking the red power button on the top right corner. Select 'Exit to Desktop'. 

Go to Menu on the top left corner and navigate to Accessories/FileManager

Navigate to the 'scans' folder in /home/pi/piper/game/userData/

 Copy the file named 'scannedObject.obj' by right clicking with your mouse and selecting 'Copy'.

Connect a USB flash drive into one of the USB ports on the Raspberry Pi. Click 'Ok' on the window that pops up.

Right click in the folder and click 'Paste'.

Now you can use the .obj file on your USB flash drive to load into your 3D printer.  Good luck on your mission!


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