Piper Software Overview

With the latest update, your Piper Computer Kit has three custom designed software experiences created by our brilliant game developers.

The Main Menu provides access to each of the three software experiences:



Story Mode


Story Mode features a series of adventure challenges built on top of the Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft.  Throughout Story Mode, kids are instructed to connect buttons, switches, LEDs and more to the Raspberry Pi to progress through the game.

You can also 3D print your creations from Story Mode, click here to learn how!


PiperNet - Beta


To unlock the PiperNet Beta experience, you'll need to complete the Cheesteroid level in Story Mode.  PiperNet is a Beta release (meaning it's still very much a work in process!).  As always, we'd love your feedback so we can make the game even better for you.  Email us at hi@buildpiper.com.



PiperCode is the easiest way to program real electronics on the Raspberry Pi!  


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