1) Won't Power On or Start Up? Try This First!

**Update as of December 24, 2018**

If you just built your Piper Computer Kit and it won't power on, it may be the result of a defective Micro USB cable, the cord that connects the Raspberry Pi to the battery.

A batch of our Piper Computer Kits were reported to have shipped with a defective Micro-USB cable.  If you have a Piper Computer Kit with a green speaker included, read on.  If not, go to the FAQ "Problem with Powering On/No Screen Display"

We suggest that you first try replacing the Micro-USB cable with one of your own.  99% of the time this works in solving problems experienced with powering on the kit.

If this solves the problem, please reach out to hi@playpiper.com, let us know that you have a defective cable and request a replacement Micro-USB cable. In your message, please let us know that you tested it with another Micro-USB cable.

Also check if the SD card is inserted correctly; check for dust, and try to reinsert it a few times.

If you do not have a personal Micro-USB cable or if your Piper is not functioning properly for other reasons, go to the FAQ Problem with Powering On/No Screen Display or the Engineer Troubleshooter for an interactive troubleshooting experience with your child. You may also contact support at hi@playpiper.com to get your Piper Kit up and running.

We apologize for any inconvenience and can’t wait to help you enjoy your Piper Computer Kit.