I think my BREADBOARD is defective.


So you’re adventuring in Story Mode or plugging away at a coding project in PiperCode, and all of a sudden none of your fun gadgets are working.  What now?


Step one:

If you think your breadboard is defective, try switching it out for the other one that came in your kit.  If this does not work you either have an issue with your wires or other items. Move on to step two.


Step two:

Make sure your pins on your wires and the item you wish to hook up are not bent and are going into the breadboard correctly.


If the connectors are not shaped properly your Piper will not be able to register them and supply power to them.  If this does not work, move on to step three.


Step three:

Try changing out your wires for other ones included in the kit.  Make sure to use some that you know are working already, like the ones you hooked your controller up with, for example. While you are at it, make sure your wires are seated like this:


If this does not work, move on to step four.


Step four:

Try switching out the specific piece you are trying to use, I.E. an LED light or a switch.  If this does not work your breadboard is certainly defective.

If you have found your solution or are stumped, contact us as hi@playpiper.com and we will get it sorted out for you!