I think my SPEAKER is defective.


You’ve built your kit.  You’ve charged your battery.  You hit the power button. Everything comes on just fine and you proceed into the game, however you notice the game is quiet, possibly too quiet, because nothing is coming out of your speakers.  What now?


Step one:

Make sure your audio cable is fit snugly into your Raspberry Pi.  If the cable is not in all the way in the Pi your speaker will have trouble knowing what to do!


Step two:

Try to plug your speaker into an external device that can play sounds, such as a smart phone or PC.  If It produces sound, this means you have may have an issue with the port on your Raspberry Pi. If it does not produce sound move to step three.


Step three:

If your cable is securely in the Pi and produces sound when plugged into another device, this point to your audio cable or speaker being defective.

If you have found your solution or are stumped, contact us as hi@playpiper.com and we will get it sorted out for you!