I think my HARNESS CABLE is defective.


You go to start your kit, you hit the power button and… nothing.  What now?


Step one:

First things first.  We need to check your Raspberry Pi to see if it has any lights going on.  If it does not have any lights that means it is not getting juice. Try using a personal Micro-USB cable (such as an android smartphone charger) in place of the harness cable.  Plug it from the Pi to your battery and see if any lights come on. If lights come on your Harness Cable is probably defective. If no lights come on, move on to step two.


Step two:

If no lights come on when you use a personal Micro-USB cable with your battery, your battery may be defective.  Try plugging it directly into the wall with your personal Micro-USB and a charging block. If the lights come on now you may have a defective battery.


Step three:

If you have done all this and your lights are still not coming on, this points to having a defective port on your Raspberry Pi.


Step four:

You can also try plugging the USB portion into a battery you know works or a charging block you know works to see if your screen is getting power.  If you go through the screen troubleshooting guide and none of that works it is quite possible your Harness Cable is the culprit.


If you have found your solution or are stumped, contact us as hi@playpiper.com and we will get it sorted out for you!