I think my BATTERY is defective.


You assemble your Piper Kit, plug in your battery, and *poof* nothing happens.  What now?

If you think you have a defective battery, here are a few trouble shooting steps you can go through.

Step one:

Check to see you have blue LED lights lit up on the battery itself.  Either when you try to charge it or just turn it on. If you cannot get the lights to light, your battery is defective.  If they do light up, move to the next step.

Step two:

Try switching out the cable you are using to charge your battery and see if that helps. Sometimes our Micro-USB’s can be the culprit of what looks like battery issues.  If this does not work move on to step three.

Step three:

If your kit won’t power on and you think its the battery, try plugging it directly into the wall.  If this works and you know your Micro-USB is working, this means you have a defective battery. If not and your Pi is still not getting power, your Raspberry Pi could have a defective port.

If you have found your solution or are stumped, contact us as hi@playpiper.com and we will get it sorted out for you!