2) Problem with Powering On/No Screen Display

Is your screen not turning on?  Is it flashing from blue to black?  There may be a simple fix.  

Step 1:

Make sure the HDMI and USB cables are connected correctly as shown in the video above. Check to ensure they are each snug in their sockets.

Step 2:

Find the SD Card and make sure it's securely pushed into the Raspberry Pi; check for dust, and try to reinsert it a few times.

Step 3:

Press the power button to turn on the battery.  If the battery has power, there should be blue lights on. If you don't see blue lights, you'll need to charge the battery.  Follow the instructions here.

Step 4:

If the screen is still not working correctly, check to see if there is a green flashing light on the Raspberry Pi.  If there is only a solid red light, there may be an issue with the Raspberry Pi.  Please contact us at hi@playpiper.com.

Step 5:

Next, let's check the connections on the screen itself.  Turn off the battery, then unscrew the left and right screws on the screen's panel (leave the top and bottom screws in place).  Fold down the panel to reveal the back of the screen.

Step 6:

Check to make sure the cables connecting to the screen are snug.  Make sure the orange ribbon cable is secure and the grey tabs next to the connection are pressed inwards.

Step 7: 

Flip up the screen panel and turn on the battery.  If everything is working properly, you will see raspberries on the screen along with white text. 


Still Not Working?

If there are still problems, please contact us at hi@playpiper.com

Or, you may also try our more advanced troubleshooting instructions to help isolate the issue:

With the Raspberry Pi turned off, unplug the HDMI cable from the Raspberry Pi.  Then connect a TV or external monitor's HDMI cable directly into the Rasbperry Pi.  Turn on the Raspberry Pi.  If your external screen works as expected, the issue lies with the screen or it's connectors and not with the Raspberry Pi.


Next, try plugging a computer or game console into the Piper's screen using the included green cable.  If that doesn't work, swap out the green Piper cable and replace with a cable you've confirmed works. If that does work, the problem is with the HDMI Cable.



As always, we are here to help!  Contact us at hi@playpiper.com.